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What Do Our Customers Say?

These are some of the unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

"I would just like to say, what a nice bit of software."

"Thank you so much for your quick response. You can tell a lot about a company by response rate. You guys are top of the line."

"What a cool little program! I just tried it and can think of all kinds of applications."

"I love your program. I'll let my cyber friends know about the program. So fast and easy."

"I have the Connected Pattern Maker program and am very impressed, especially with the scaleability of the pattern image as well as the ease of use."

"I think I am addicted to the Connected Pattern Maker program, I have enjoyed using it the last couple of days! Can't seem to let go and do other things! Once again, Thank You for a wonderful program."

"I just received the Connected Pattern Maker last week and I thought I would let you know that it makes my designing so much eaiser. I can produce a design in about 2 hours instead of 2 days. Many thanks."

"I love the pattern maker! I use it all the time. This program has saved me LOTS and LOTS of money."

"I got my program in the mail and have installed it and already can do a reasonable job in the working of this wonderful program. I am so very happy with it."

"I design my own stained glass projects and quilts. Your program is perfect for both. I can design stained glass patterns and quilting applique images from my photos."

"I just made my first pattern with Connected Lines software and it's beautiful, thanks."

"I have had the software for about 2 hours and already feel comfortable with it."

"I purchased the Pattern Maker from you a couple of years ago and have used it alot and continue to enjoy using it."

"I am looking forward to using the Pattern Maker in my woodworking designs (lathe art). Thank you for making the design task so much easier."

"I have your Pattern Maker program and think its really great. I have used it quite a bit and enjoy it very much. "

"I am experimenting with the Connected Pattern Maker and I am pleased with the results. Thank You and keep up the good work."

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