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Sites with Woodworking Plans

Site   Content   Price Range

About Time Plans   Bookcase, cabinet, and clock plans   $8 to $30

Absolutely Free Plans   Listing of links to free woodworking plans and projects.   Free

Amateur Woodworker   Household items and Furniture plans   Free

American Furniture Design Company   Furniture, clock, and outdoor furniture, plans   under $20

Ash Custom Wood Prodcts   Dog house plans   under $30

Bed Bath Store   Links to furniture plans and projects ideas   Free

Berry Basket   Scrollsaw patterns, household items, children's toys   $5 and up

Binky's Woodworking   Furniture, children's furniture, household items, and outdoor furniture plans   Free and $6 and up

Black & Decker Projects   Household and outside items   Free

Bob's Plans   Household items, outside items, and jigs   Free   Furniture, children's furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor and landscaping items.   Free

Cherry Tree   Furniture, toys, household items, outdoor items, intarsia patterns, scrollsaw patterns, clock movement, jewelry.   $5 and up

Classic Carving Patterns   Thousands of carving patterns   $8 and up

Cornerstone Designs   Toy plans for trains, construction and farm equipment, and tractor trailers   $8 and up

Crafted Images and Designs Woodworking Plans   Furniture and household items.   $5.00 and up

Design Group   Household and outdoor items   under $10

Dinosaur Walk   Dining and occasional tables   Free

DIYData   Links to free woodworking plans   Free

Drillbits Plus   Links to free woodworking plans   Free   Children's toys, outdoor items, household items, bird houses and feeders.   Free

Fantastic Woodworking   Intarsia and sculpture   Free and $6 and up

Forest Street Designs   Cabinets, children's toys, and unusual plans   under $20

Free Woodworking Stuff   Links to free plans   Free   Links to free plans for furniture, workbenches, and greenhouses   Free

Furniture   Furniture, household items, children's furniture, children's toys, outdoor furniture   under $20

Gold Country Woodworks   Furniture, children's furniture, adirondack chair and craft plans   $10 and up   Cabinets, furniture, household items, children's furniture and toys, outdoor furniture and items   $10 and up

Handyman Plans   Furniture, household, and outdoor items.   Under $20

Home Bar Plans Online   Home bar, furniture, cabinets, and accessories.   Under $20

House Plans and More   House plans, outdoor project plans, and furniture.   $20 and up   Furniture, cabinets, household items, children's furniture and toys, outdoor furniture, metalworking plans   $4.95 and up

Jeff Greef Woodworking   Furniture and household items   Free

Just Sheds   Storage and garden sheds   Free and $5 and up

Knotty Plans   Furniture and aquarium cabinets   Under $12

Las Vegas Plans   Rubber band guns, animal puzzles   Under $15 and free   Gable, barns, salt box and other styles of wooden storage sheds   $15

L&R Designs   Household and outdoor items   under $12

Metal Project Plans   Workshop and household metal work plans   Undeer $30

Minwax   Furniture, outdoor furniture, and household items   Free

On.Site Designs   Cabinets, furniture, and household items   $10 and up

Original Furniture Plans   Furniture, outdoor, and household items   Under $25

Plans In Wood - The Barley Harvest   Furniture, games, outdoor furniture, clocks   under $10

Plans Now   Plans from Woodsmith, ShopNotes, Workbench, and Garden Gate magazines   $7.95

Popular Mechansc   Furniture plans and outdoor projects   Free

Pool Table Plans   Pool table and billiard room furniture plans   $20 and up

Sawdust Making 101   Household and outdoor items, and shop jigs   Free

Seyco Scroll Saws   Scroll saw patterns   $15 and up

Sherwood Creations   Furniture, household items, children's toys, outdoor items, yard art, shadows, holiday displays   $5 and up

Storage Shed Plans   Shed plans and outdoor items   Free, and $12 and up

Swing Plans   Outdoor furniture, rockers, and swings.   $10 and up

The3House   Links to woodworking plans   Free and $5 and up   Links to free woodworking plans   Free

Toys and Joys   Plans, kits, and parts for children's wooden toys   $7 and up

U-Build   Furniture, children's furniture, outdoor items, and toys   $5 and up

Vintage Games   Games and outdoor furniture   $4 and up

Vintage Internet Plans   Free Mission furniture plans   Free

Wayne of the Woods   Furniture, household items, children's furniture, and outdoor furniture   Free

Wood Projects Made Easy   Furniture, household, and outdoor items   $15 and up

Woodbox   Intarsia patterns   $10 and up   Furniture, children's toys and items, household items.   Free

Woodgears   Furniture and household items.   Free

Woodware   Household items and office furniture   Free

Woodworker's Workbench   Outdoor items and jigs   Free

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