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Wildlife Pattern Collection

The Wildlife Pattern Collection is a set of fifty line art patterns of birds, frogs, butterflies, moose, bears, squirrels, etc. for use in engraving, mosiacs, needle crafts (canvas-work, embroidery, quilting, needlepoint, and cross stitch), stained glass, stenciling, woodworking (carving, fretwork, inlay, intarsia, marquetry, and scrollsaw-work).

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Click on a pattern to view it:
Alligator Bighorn Blackbird Bluebird Butterfly
Alligator Pattern Desert Bighorn Sheep Pattern Yellow Headed Blackbird Pattern Bluebird Pattern Painted Lady Butterfly Pattern
Butterfly Butterfly Cardinal Copperhead Snake Copperhead Snake
Cecropia Moth Pattern Monarch Butterfly Pattern Cardinal Pattern Copperhead Snake Pattern Broad Banded Copperhead Snake Pattern

Get the wildlife patterns in three formats:
  1. In individual GIF images.
  2. In book format with our free PDF Wildlife Patterns Book.
  3. In custom size with the Connected Pattern Maker.

Deer Ducks Eagle Eagle Egret
White Tailed Deer Pattern Gadwall Ducks Pattern Bald Eagle Pattern Bald Eagle Pattern Egret Pattern
Egret Elephant Flycatcher Fox Dall Sheep
Egret Pattern African Elephant Pattern Scissor Tailed Flycatcher Pattern Red Fox Pattern Dall Sheep Pattern

Print and Save Patterns in Any Size

Get more from our patterns by using the Connected Pattern Maker to view, edit, and print them.
  • The patterns in the pattern collections above are included with the Connected Pattern Maker in electronic format.

  • The patterns may be printed to any size and with any line thickness.

  • The patterns may be modified and saved as Pattern Maker (.pat) or Windows Bitmap (.bmp) files.

  • Pattern collections do not contain background images. A blank image is displayed when you select Picture in the Connected Pattern Maker.

Grasshopper Hummingbird Lizard Lizard Moose
Grasshopper Pattern Hummingbird Pattern Pygmy Horned Lizard Pattern Collard Lizard Pattern Moose Pattern
Owl Panther Pelican Polar Bears Puffins
Northern Spotted Owl Pattern Florida Panther Pattern Pelican Pattern Polar Bear Pattern Horned Puffins Pattern

Free PDF Wildlife Patterns Book

The Wildlife Pattern Book contains the 50 line art patterns of birds, bears, butterflies, deer, frogs, moose, and more featured here.

Click here to download a free copy of the Wildlife Pattern Book.

Artic Hare Raccoon Robins Skimmer Sparrow
Artic Hare Pattern Raccoon Pattern Robin Pattern Black Skimmer Pattern Fox Sparrow Pattern
Sparrow Squirrel Tanager Tiger Toad
Dusky Seaside Sparrow Pattern Brown Squirrel Pattern Scarlet Tanager Pattern Tiger Pattern Monte Verde Toad Pattern

Tree Frog Tree Frog Tree Snake Tree Swallow Warbler
Green Tree Frog Pattern Pine Barrens Tree Frog Pattern Brown Tree Snake Pattern Tree Swallow Pattern Hooded Warbler Pattern
Warbler Wolf Wood Duck Woodpecker Yellowthroat
Prairie Warbler Pattern Gray Wolf Pattern Wood Duck Pattern Red-headed Woodpecker Pattern Common Yellowthroat Pattern

Connected Pattern Maker

The Connected Pattern Maker
Create Your Own Line Art Patterns!

The Connected Pattern Maker is the easy to learn and fun to use software program that lets you create unique line art patterns from digital photographs, scanned pictures, and clip art images.
The Connected Pattern Maker saves you time and money by streamling the design process. Quickly create patterns with the easy-to-use drawing tools. Print patterns to any size and with any line thickness.

The Connected Pattern Maker incorporates flexible features to meet the needs of a variety of arts and crafts endeavors that require line art patterns including:
  • Coloring pages
  • Engraving
  • Full size templates for backgrounds
  • Mosiacs
  • Needle crafts
    - canvas-work
    - embroidery
    - quilting
    - needlepoint
    - cross stitch
  • Stained glass
  • Stenciling
  • Wood crafts
    - carving
    - fretwork
    - inlay
    - intarsia
    - marquetry
    - scrollsaw-work
Learn about the Connected Pattern Maker's features.

Copyright and Use

All patterns at are copyrighted by Connected Lines and may not be resold or redistributed. The patterns may be used in your private or commercial artistic endeavors provided the result is an artistic interpretation or derivative work, such as produced by embroidery, needlework, intarsia, marquetry, stained glass, engraving, carving, etc.

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